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I'm not drunk. I'm charmingly inebriated.

Dirty Soul
20 July
The WeatherPixie

Dublin's Fair City
I'm a messed up little puppy, I have a dull journal filled with tiny nonsensical fragments of my brain, and no I don't think I'm as interesting as I say I do.

Stubborn. Addictive. Hopeless. Romantic. Punk. Cabaret. Rock. Soul. Heart. Mind. Broken. Complete. Paradox. Bittersweet. Honest. Contradictory. Indecisive. Passionate. Painful. Intense. Alive.

Always learning, always falling, always failing, always succeeding. I'm out there, touching the flame and living the dream, at least for now.

I'm friendly, but rough around the edges, and hard to handle in large doses. I'm impulsive, flighty, frustrating, indefinable. I get confused, and I get lost, but I keep on trying.

I'm in love, I'm not looking for anyone else. I adore music - to find out what I'm listening to try visiting here.

I adore U2, Gavin Friday, Guggi and the Virgin Prunes. I'm passionate about human rights and making a difference. I don't take apathy or laziness very well at all.

I'm a philosopher, a dreamer, a realist, and a pain in the arse. It's nice to meet you.

* This journal is slowly becoming Friends Only, so if you want to find out the really juicy stuff in my brain, throw in a comment and I'll see.

Virgin Prunes are love

Gavin Friday is Sacred Hearted love

Support World AIDS Day


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